Emergency situations

Emergency situations require prompt intervention, as well organized as possible, with a team of trained and qualified people who know how to act, no matter how serious the situation or how extensive the fire.

Rivergate Fire offers private emergency services, responding to fires in the shortest possible time with the best equipment to save lives of people in danger and assets, as much as possible. In addition to interventions in such situations, Rivergate Fire also offers consulting services to prevent and combat fire risks, as well as periodic inspections to identify certain dangers that could lead to the occurrence of fires.

Emergency situations are to be avoided, especially fires, where in addition to material assets, many lives can be lost, in the absence of intervention with a team of trained and qualified people.

Rivergate Fire is among the companies valued for the professionalism in the intervention in any situation, but also for the high success rate in such situations. Of course, it is always better to prevent than face a fire, and Rivergate Fire makes sure you are always safe.

“Rivergate Fire – always for YOUR safety and protection in case of emergencies.”


Emergency situations