About us

RIVERGATE has approximately 20 years of experience and includes Centrul Rivergate SRL and Rivergate Fire SRL companies.

The activity is carried out at the headquarters in Bucharest but also in other counties, in Slatina and Tulcea. The company has the necessary human, financial, logistical resources and knowledge, the drivers for the provision of our services being quality, ensured by a qualified and well-trained personnel, competitive prices and an efficient after-sales service.

The company’s specifics and potential, the relations with the business environment, the ability and willingness of the management team to assume risks, lead to the application by RIVERGATE of a flexible strategy, which allows constant tailoring to the internal and external business environment, orienting the entire activity towards achieving the established objectives and ensuring high quality professionalism.

The activity of the Centrul Rivergate company has seen a continuous evolution since 2006, when we started the professional service in the Integrated Security segment and until now, in accordance with the demands of the profile market and of our partners, ensuring the integrated and qualitative patrimonial and personal protection, being licensed and certified in this regard according to Law no. 333/2003, both for security, protection and consulting services (based on license no. 860/P/2006), and for design, installation and maintenance services of technical security components (license 1526/T/2008).

Starting with 2006, Centrul Rivergate has provided services for third parties, including:

  • Protection and guard activities, namely guarding the objectives, assets, valuables, bodyguard and consultancy, as well as monitoring the alarm systems and intervention at the monitored objectives;
  • Design, installation, maintenance and service, technical security systems;
  • Design, installation, maintenance and service, technical alarm systems, fire alert and mitigation;
  • Physical security risk assessment;
  • Firefighting and fire prevention activities.

As a result of the legal provisions, requiring that, in order to obtain the S.P.S.U. operating permit, the service companies must have as field and main object of activity “Firefighting activities and the prevention thereof”, Rivergate Fire company was established.

Authorizations and approvalsCertificates

Rivergate Fire has obtained all the authorizations necessary for the operation: S.P.S.U. establishment permit, operating permits for sectors of competence, being also authorized to carry out the following works:

  • Design of signalling, alarm and alert systems and installations in case of fire;
  • Installation and maintenance of fire signalling, alarm and alert systems and installations;
  • Design of systems and installations for mitigating and extinguishing fires;
  • Installation and maintenance of fire mitigation and extinguishing systems and installations, except those containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases;
  • Maintenance of special installations in the composition of special vehicles intended for firefighting;
  • Fireproofing of combustible materials;
  • Technical supervision during filling, periodic technical inspection and repair.

By implementing in 2008 the Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Information Security, Risk Management and Anti-Bribery Management, according to international standards, the company’s credibility in relation to business partners increased, leading to the attraction of new partners.

Authorizations and approvalsCertificates